S2226 16B OB_FR1_SteveRochinski_090116Opulent Brown has become one of our most popular finishes. This deep, rich Opulent Brown 16-B features a 16″ x 1-12″ body, a hand carved three piece maple back, spruce top, B6 pickup, and custom inlay on the fingerrest. It was final inspected this week and is on it’s way to a very patient (but very very happy) customer!

Photos by Stephanie Ward.

S2226 16B OB_Lbl2_SteveRochinski_090116S2226 16B OB_FV1_SteveRochinski_090116 S2226 16B OB_FR1_SteveRochinski_090116 S2226 16B OB_FH2_SteveRochinski_090116 S2226 16B OB_FF4_SteveRochinski_090116 S2226 16B OB_FC1_SteveRochinski_090116 S2226 16B OB_BV2_SteveRochinski_090116 S2226 16B OB_BH3_SteveRochinski_090116 S2226 16B OB_BF1_SteveRochinski_090116 S2226 16B OB_BC1_SteveRochinski_090116

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