Just finished and shipping to New Orleans! This petite Bambino Elite 14-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ hand carved X-braced European spruce top and maple back with matching sides and neck features burled face, lovely ebony, MOP, burl & 22 carat gold tailpiece, custom MOP floral inlays on the 3rd & 5th fret, an S6 pickup and hidden volume control wheel. 25″ scale by 1-11/16 nut, unbound body (La Venezia model), and endpin jack on violin tailpiece.

img_3209s2366-bambinoeliteob_tpc10_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_tpc9_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_lbl4_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_fv3_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_fh1_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_ff6_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_fc4_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_fb10_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_fb9_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_bh9_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_bf3_markcousins_090716 s2366-bambinoeliteob_bc1_markcousins_090716

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