s2355-bambinodlxhb_fc10_kimbirdsong_092116With its lovely highly-flamed honey-blonde top, contrasting espresso back and sides, and gold hardware, this Bambino Deluxe is a stunner! This model has become the “go to” archtop for jazz players who want a smaller body and laminated “anti-feedback” performance but don’t want to compromise the architecture of a lightweight hollow-body archtop with a single pickup, floating bridge and ebony appointments. Light, responsive, warm, and versatile, the Bambino Deluxe is simultaneously elegant and robust. This one is headed for Oklahoma. Photos by Stephanie Ward.

s2355-bambinodlxhb_lbl4_kimbirdsong_092116s2355-bambinodlxhb_fv1_kimbirdsong_092116 s2355-bambinodlxhb_fh6_kimbirdsong_092116 s2355-bambinodlxhb_ff1_kimbirdsong_092116 s2355-bambinodlxhb_fc10_kimbirdsong_092116 s2355-bambinodlxhb_bh4_kimbirdsong_092116 s2355-bambinodlxhb_bf2_kimbirdsong_092116 s2355-bambinodlxhb_bc1_kimbirdsong_092116

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