s2375-laveneziavb_fc1_johnbuford_102616This is as pure and elegant as an archtop can be: 17″ x 3″ La Venezia with premium European tone woods, all ebony appointments, no pickup, ebony endpin and violin tailpiece, sans binding, ultra-thin violinburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish. No compromise (except perhaps the cutaway) for a customer who has many fine archtops (including a number of Benedettos) but wanted simple beauty and unencumbered tone.

s2375-laveneziavb_fh6_johnbuford_102616s2375-laveneziavb_ff1_johnbuford_102616 s2375-laveneziavb_bh4_johnbuford_102616 s2375-laveneziavb_bf1_johnbuford_102616 s2375-laveneziavb_bc4_johnbuford_102616

Photos by Stephanie Ward

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