S2388 GA35 LtAB_FC10_(BB) 020717_swThis newborn GA-35 will reside in our workshop and is available to test drive when you visit! Or, on its occasional visits to universities and guitar shows! You can order one just like it! 1-5/8″ deep solid chambered mahogany body and neck, highly flamed solid maple top, two Benedetto A6 pickups, 25″ scale x 1-11/16 nut, and a 15″ lower bout.

S2388 GA35 LtAB_Lbl7_(BB) 020717_swS2388 GA35 LtAB_FH12_(BB) 020717_sw S2388 GA35 LtAB_FF2_(BB) 020717_sw S2388 GA35 LtAB_BH4_(BB) 020717_sw S2388 GA35 LtAB_BF7_(BB) 020717_sw S2388 GA35 LtAB_BC4_(BB) 020717_sw

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