S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_FV5_(BB)_021717What better way to celebrate St. Pat’s than with a new “lucky” guitar?!

Available NOW in Bob’s Boutique! This Bambino Deluxe model features our Emerald Blaze finish on a highly flamed maple top, green recon stone 12th fret floral inlay, a green four leaf clover recon stone inlay on the ebony tail piece, black back, neck and sides, ebony fingerboard, fingerrest and tuning buttons, and gold hardware. The Bambino Deluxe is a 14-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ laminated hollow body archtop with 1-11/16 nut, 25″ scale, A6 pickup and a hard shell case include. (Photos by Stephanie Ward)

Price: $6,000 (includes hardshell case)

Contact us to purchase this guitar.

For more information on our Purchasing Policies, click here.

S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_Tpc6_(BB)_021717S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_Nk3_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_Lbl5_(BB)_021717S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_FV4_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_FH5_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_FF20_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_FF18_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_FC9_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_FC7_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_BH4_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_BF2_(BB)_021717 S2392 BambinoDlx GreenBlazeShamrock_BC1_(BB)_021717

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