S2393 16B OB Custom_FC2_SamKaufmann_032317This custom order Californian-bound 16B features our rich Opulent Brown finish, honey blonde maple binding, ebony nut and black hardware throughout.

The 16B has become our most accessible hand-carved archtop aimed at professional players who demand the responsiveness of solid spruce top and maple back, but save with less costly aesthetics that favor less translucent finishes. The 16B (16″ X 2-1/2″ w/built in A6 pickup) starts at $10K, and can be customized like this one with several optional appointments.

Photos by Stephanie Ward.

S2393 16B OB Custom_Lbl5_SamKaufmann_032317S2393 16B OB Custom_FV1_SamKaufmann_032317 S2393 16B OB Custom_FH5_SamKaufmann_032317 S2393 16B OB Custom_FF10_SamKaufmann_032317 S2393 16B OB Custom_FC2_SamKaufmann_032317 S2393 16B OB Custom_BV1_SamKaufmann_032317 S2393 16B OB Custom_BH8_SamKaufmann_032317 S2393 16B OB Custom_BF1_SamKaufmann_032317 S2393 16B OB Custom_BC1_SamKaufmann_032317

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