Worth Magazine featured Savannah in its Nov/Dec issue, and Benedetto was included!

A big thank you to our friends over at Visit Savannah for including us in Worth’s tour of Savannah!

Be sure to read the full article HERE!

“Bronx-born jazz lover Robert Benedetto founded this now iconic company in 1968 after experimenting with wood taken from his family’s kitchen table. In the 50 years since, Benedetto guitars have earned a reputation as the gold standard for jazz musicians. That’s largely because the guitars are meticulously made by hand by a small team that shares the founder’s passion. It’s a painstaking process, so Benedetto makes only a few hundred guitars a year, but the results justify the scarcity: Hearing these guitars will make you feel like you’re in a smoky club off a dark alley listening to the music of infinite invention.”

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