Idle hands are the devil’s workshop? NOPE! They are a luthier’s dream! Bob Benedetto might rest for a day, but then he’s right back to crafting — now he’s offering these planes that our own Master Luthier Damon Mailand uses and calls “elegant, durable, and perfectly suited for carving archtop plates.”

From Bob and Cindy: We are pretty excited about the new planes…here are the specs: Made completely by hand by Bob Benedetto in his personal workshop, the Benedetto palm plane is made of hard American, curly maple with solid brass appointments. It includes a high-carbon tool steel blade custom made by Ron Hock. The palm rest adds comfort and accommodates individual carving styles. The double-radiused sole is optimal for carving long graceful arches as well as short, tight radii on inside and outside arches of tops and backs of archtop guitars and cellos. Includes a custom leather pouch. Price: $214.99 plus shipping. Payable via PayPal. To order email Bob directly!

Photos by Cindy Benedetto and Damon Mailand

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