Master Luthier Damon Mailand holds Bob Benedetto's new Cremona (with Bob Benedetto) Savannah 12-10-14HAPPY 13TH ANNIVERSARY!!!! Damon Mailand started (as our first hire in Savannah) with Benedetto Guitars on September 9, 2006. He worked at Bob’s side for several years learning every aspect of carved archtop building, and then on to master all manufacturing nuances under then-manager Evan Ellis. Today Damon is both the master luthier at Benedetto, and Shop Production Manager and mentor for all of our employees. He is the blood that flows through the workshop, and the DNA that connects Lloyd Loar, John D’Angelico, Elmer Stromberg, Bob Benedetto, and future generations of master jazz guitar luthiers.

Congratulations, Damon! Cheers to many more years at Benedetto!

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