Damon nailed it! (Don’t worry, it wasn’t a guitar!!!) Check out this video (again, if you haven’t already) by WSAV The Bridge around the 2 minute mark to hear Damon explain what sets Benedetto apart.

“I would say that our attention to detail and the focus of the company set us apart. Attention to detail at every stage of the production process, from carving and tuning the top and back plates to the finishes we apply, and then the final assembly and set up. And, that goes hand-in-hand with the focus of the company, which is not mass production. There are companies out there building hundreds of guitars a day, and that’s not what we do. We make a 120-130 guitars a year, and that allows us to make sure they are the best archtop jazz guitars out there.” – Damon Mailand, Master Luthier

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