John Eubanks

John Eubanks has been part of the New Orleans performance, education and recording Benedetto Player John Eubanks with his La Venezia modelscene since 1988 and is one of the most in demand guitarists/teachers in the city today. Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, John is a versatile instrumentalist whose schedule includes a mix of traditional & modern jazz, Brazilian mandolin and guitar, orchestral work, and musical theater. He worked at the Marjorie Lyons Playhouse with the Shreveport Symphony, having studied at NSU in Natchitoches and UTA on a scholarship. John made stops in Nashville, Scotland and Baton Rouge before settling in New Orleans. He began work on a MA in Music degree at Loyola University and was a faculty member there from 1992-2004.

John continues to teach while performing at jazz festivals, with symphonic and pit orchestras, and at jazz clubs throughout the New Orleans area (including a regular Sunday gig at Muriel’s on Jackson Square, in the heart of the French Quarter).

muriels21068(and like Savannah, Muriel’s has a Ghost!)

John Eubanks performs on a La Venezia Model.

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John’s new CD,  ‘Tain’t What You Do

John Eubanks at Muriels Jackson Square New OrleansJohn Eubanks Howard Paul Benedetto Guitars 1-17-13 galleryJohn Eubanks BG Savannah 1-17-13 with Mercer and HPaulJohn Eubanks And Bob Benedetto 2009 Savannah GAJohn Eubanks with Howard Paul and Bob Benedetto Savannah GA August 2009John Eubanks CD coverJohn Eubanks CD artwork poster 2013John Eubanks serenades at Muriel's Jackson Square New OrleansJohn Eubanks with La Venezia Benedetto Guitars Savannah GA 2009 photo by Cindy BenedettoJohn Eubanks and Bob Benedetto Jazz Duo 2009John Eubanks Bob adjusts La Venezia April 5 2011 Savannah GAMuriels Jackson Square New OrleansJohn Eubanks 1995 photo by Kerri McCaffety

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