16-B Laminate One-Off in Autumnburst

Serial #S2025

This is a completely unique guitar for us! It’s based on our very popular Flagship Series 16-B Model, a carved 16″ x 2 1/12″ guitar with deluxe binding and Bravo hardware. The “16-B” designation refers to the width of the lower bout and the “B” pattern used, which has narrower shoulders and a more gentle cutaway than its brother the Bravo model. The 16-B is available
only in a carved version, and only with an Antiqueburst or Opulent Brown finish (this keeps the price more approachable). This guitar is a first run at a Laminated version of this model. Intended only as a prototype or one-off model, it incorporates Bravo Deluxe quality woods, a Bravo binding motif, a B-6 pickup, and our translucent stunning Autumnburst finish. Signed on the back of the headstock by Bob (like our Flagship models).

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