16-B One-off Custom Aquamarine Burst

Serial #S2031

This is a very unique 16-B that features exceptionally highly flamed European Maple back and sides and a European Spruce top. This differs from our standard 16-B by replacing the “S” hole shape common on the Bravo and 16-B models with our bound “F” hole shape. We’ve also used the beautiful Americana Inlay on the headstock faceplate, and replaced the standard A6 pickup with a black B6 pickup. The unique finish is similar to the Chinery collection Blue Guitars, but with a touch of amber making this an exquisite Aquamarine Burst finish that shows off the stunning woods while riveting the audience. As a 16-B, there is no better gigging guitar on the planet, but this instrument’s uniqueness make it a great player and very highly collectable.

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