16-B One-offs

Serial #multiple

The 16-B fills the sweet spot between the Bravo Deluxe and the Bravo Elite. It’s an idea Bob has been working on to offer a truly carved guitar, affordable for gigging musicians. The 16-B takes a page (actually a shape!) from the past by using Bob’s pre-Bravo style body pattern as used on his original 16″ Manhattan, the Jimmy Bruno 7, the Green Gina guitar, Bucky’s little carved guitar and Howard Alden’s oval hole 7-string models. Bob carves select spruce and flamed maple for the top, back, sides and neck. He includes Deluxe binding, an EPS tailpiece, and a gold A6 Pickup to provide the player with a traditional high powered carved archtop. These one-offs also include a 2 ½” body depth, the popular 25″ fingerboard scale, 1 ¾” nut width, gold Gotoh tuners, and ebony fittings.

The 16-B is not yet available as a standard model, but Bob made two of them as one-off “prototypes” to set the stage. Here is a very rare opportunity to own one of these one-off instruments!

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