16B Birdseye Maple w/B6 Pickup

Serial #S1985

No, you are not seeing double, and we haven’t mistakenly posted the same guitar twice!!! We had just enough wood to build two Birdseye 16B’s at about the same time. But these are NOT the same guitar. Call them fraternal twins, but not identical! This 16B has a beautiful Sitka spruce top and Birdseye Maple back and matching sides, a three-piece Birdseye Maple neck, burl headstock & heel cap, and flamed maple binding throughout. We also added a B6 pickup to this twin. The difference (other than the unique figure of the wood) is the back of the headstock. S1985 has a flamed maple and ebony veneer on the back of the headstock where the serial number and Benedetto signature is placed (Its twin, S1990, has a more traditional espresso-colored “stinger” on the back of the headstock). Why the difference? It is part of the mystery that lives in every unique, handmade instrument! This is one of those super-performing 16″ carved gig guitars that happens to be stunning enough for a museum exhibit.

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