Andy Elite in Antiqueburst

Serial #S2062

This is our ONLY Antique Burst Andy Elite made to date. Originally intended to be the ideal travel-size jazz box, the Andy Elite (or Andrew, if you’re more formal) is our very refined version of the now discontinued Andy Model, and has become an iconic collectable instrument. It’s a conversation piece as well as a player’s guitar. And if you are a traveling guitar nut, we promise you can tuck into the overhead! Built with only our finest select European flamed maple, European spruce top, and ebony appointments, the Andy Elite has a 23″ scale, 1 11/16th nut, and a 12″ lower bout that’s 3″ deep. Comfortable, sweet, penetrating, balanced, and (when amplified) warm and rich like the big boys. It includes a Kent Armstrong pickup (a miniature version of our S-6 pickup), a single volume control on the ebony fingerrest, and our Benedetto violin-style tailpiece with an endpin jack. Available immediately. Number 5 of 5 made.

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