Antiqueburst 16-B one-off

Serial #S2371

s2371-16b-abbb_fc2_102616Rare chance to purchase a 16-B Antiqueburst without waiting 8 months for a custom order Bambino width (1-11/16” nut width)!  Our 16B model brings back a little nostalgia with the body lines of Bob’s custom-made 16″ guitars from the 1990s. It borrows its binding package, headstock shape, tuners and EPS tailpiece from the Bravo Deluxe, and the A-6 built-in gold pickup from the Bravo model. It is the most gig-friendly carved guitar in our line, remarkably responsive and feedback resistant.

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s2371-16b-abbb_lbl6_102616s2371-16b-abbb_lbl2_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_fh2_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_ff1_102616
s2371-16b-abbb_bh5_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_bf1_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_bc2_102616

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