Violinburst La Venezia

Serial #S2286

S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_FC5_121015This rare bird is an Oval Hole La Venezia Model outfitted with a warm and amazingly responsive Barbera Piezo Pickup, and a volume wheel mounted inside the sound hole. The output jack is built into the violin tailpiece endpin, and doesn’t require any preamp! 17″ x 3″ depth, 25″ scale x 1-3/4″ nut, our finest European tone woods, no binding, and Gotoh 510 Tuners. Just in time for a stocking suffer!

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S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_FV3_121015S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_FF3_121015S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_BF4_121015S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_FC5_121015S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_BC2_121015S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_FH3_121015S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_BH6_121015S2286 LaVeneziaVB(BB)_Lbl6_121015

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