Autumnburst Bravo Deluxe

Serial #S2349

S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_FF2_083016Our luthiers have been working like crazy to producing new guitars for Bob’s Boutique! It’s always challenging to weave a few standard models into our full schedule of custom order guitars. We are delighted to make immediately available this beautiful Autumnburst Bravo Deluxe. 16″ x 2 1/2″ laminated top and back has nicely flamed back, sides and neck, and a flawless super straight-grained spruce top. The B-6 pickup and ebony components make for a striking contrast to the warm Autumnburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish! Available for immediate shipment!

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S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_Lbl2_083016S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_FV3_083016 S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_FH3_083016 S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_FF2_083016 S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_FC1_083016 S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_BV3_083016 S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_BH3_083016 S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_BF1_083016 S2349 Bravo Dlx AUB(BB)_BC1_083016

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