Bambino Deluxe Claro Walnut Top

Serial #S1993

Constructing functional design with Mother Nature’s unique pallete is one of the real joys of guitarmaking. It is especially fun when we find unusual veneers we can infuse in our most stage-friendly models. Imagine sitting on stage with an adoring audience sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the band to plug in and tune up. Not only do you reach into your case a pull out a Benedetto (gasps from the guitar players in the audience), but it is one with a top so beautiful that the crowd strains their eyes to determine if it was painted on the guitar as a faux finish! Now that you have their riveted attention, you plug it in and play a melody chord introduction that conveys the warmth, definition, balance and natural reverb and sustain that only a hand-crafted Benedetto can guarantee. Women swoon (or men, if you prefer), children fall silent, guitarists drool, and the club owner doubles your pay! Well, it’s not ALL fantasy (just the club owner part). This spectacular Bambino Deluxe offers terrific stage performance and versatility with a stunning top. And at an amazing price for a US made handcrafted Benedetto!

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