Bambino One-Off Crimson Blaze

Serial #S1720

Hey Bambino Lovers! Feel cheated by the fact that only the Bambino Deluxe guys get to choose from the rich and electrifying Bob’s Boutique flame top blaze colors? Well, here is your chance to get on board (pun unintended, but cute). We have duplicated the Crimson and Aztec Gold Blaze finishes and added a new one – Cape Verde (you’ll just have to wait and see). This Crimson Blaze, #S1720, is a standard Bambino spec but with an eye-popping flamed maple Bravo Deluxe grade top… and of course the limited color finish. If the Bambino fits your music style or wallet a little better than the Deluxe, call us to inquire. Includes hard shell case.

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