Serial #S2301

S2301 Bamboono(BB)_FC4_100915This stunning guitar is a custom Bambino Deluxe featuring a bamboo top and faceplate on the headstock. We call it the “Bamboono!” With its lovely natural finish bamboo top, contrasting espresso back and sides, and gold hardware, this Bambino Deluxe is a beauty. Modern sound holes, gold hardware, A-6 pickup and deluxe binding.

The range of capabilities are as broad as the exquisite style of traditional artists like Howard Alden (7-string Bambino Deluxe) to the more modern brilliance of young Andreas Varady (Bambino Deluxe).

Light, responsive, warm, and versatile, the Bambino Deluxe is simultaneously elegant and robust.

(Photos by Stephanie Ward)

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S2301 Bamboono(BB)_FF3_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_BF1_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_FC4_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_BC2_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_FH2_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_BH2_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_FV8_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_FV3_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_FV2_100915S2301 Bamboono(BB)_Lbl5_100915


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