BENNY One-off With Flamed Claro Walnut Top

Serial #S1331

The first one-off BENNY to hit Bob’s Boutique, this cool electric features a striking Flamed Claro Walnut top. “Claro” is a Spanish word meaning clear or bright. The common name “Claro Walnut” refers to the wood cut from the lower bole (stump) of orchard walnut trees, especially on the West coast of the US. These trees are a mixture of species, created by grafting an English walnut scion to a rootstock of one of our native walnut species — either black walnut or California walnut. The wood near the graft tends to be variegated in color, with beautiful marble-like, dark brown and tan swirls in the figure. The guitar has a natural finish so the color you see is what nature provided. 😉 And that’s just the top! Designed for the player looking for a “custom” solid body Benedetto.

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