Benny Spanish Moss One-off

Serial #S1153

The Benny model is an incredible sleeper. Perhaps the most amazing electric on the market, or so our very satisfied gigging guitar customers report regularly from the field. We haven’t really focused on the Benny because it’s a little different marketplace than people would look for Benedetto guitars. But it is every bit a Benedetto in craftsmanship, feel, and tone. We have shipped over 50 Benny’s since starting up Savannah two years ago and have gotten disproportionate number of raves for those with one-off colors and one-of-a-kind exotic wood veneers. This SPANISH MOSS fits under the One-off category since, except for the finish, it is a standard Benny in every other way. The finish is a really striking metallic moss green on top, back sides and neck. The contrast with gold hardware makes it especially captivating. We named the color Spanish Moss after the eerily beautiful vegetation that graces the streets, parks and squares of historic Savannah, dripping from every Live Oak.

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