Bravo Antiqueburst

Serial #S1641

Bob's Boutique Benedetto BRAVO AB S1641 Photo: Stephanie WardThe Bravo was designed to gratify the player’s need for a tastefully–detailed, rich and full–sounding thin–body that they could travel with—the next generation archtop guitar. It utilizes lightweight laminated spruce top and flamed maple back construction. The Bravo features a flamed maple neck, gorgeous abalone floral inlay at the 12th fret and the Benedetto A–6 humbucking pickup. Crafted for the player who has longed to express himself or herself on an instrument of the highest order, there simply is no substitute for the Benedetto pedigree.

An older serial number (S1641) but a brand-new guitar! In Classic Antiqueburst, fourth guitar from the left.

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Bob's Boutique Benedetto BRAVO AB S1641 Photo: Stephanie WardBob's Boutique Benedetto BRAVO AB S1641 rear of headstock Photo: Stephanie WardBob's Boutique Guitars as of July 30 2013 Benedetto Guitars, Savannah GA With Serial Numbers Photo by Stephanie Ward

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