Bravo Black One-off

Serial #S2196

Just finished and ready to play Bravo One-off! With lightweight laminated spruce top and flamed Benedetto Bravo Black S2196 for Bob's Boutique - SWard photomaple back construction standard, this guitar also features our deluxe binding package on the headstock. 25″ Scale, 1-3/4″ nut, 16″ x 2-1/2″ body, Benedetto A-6 pickup and gold hardware. This Bravo can’t talk but, in always classic black, it certainly makes a statement!  

(photos by Stephanie Ward 8-29-14)

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Benedetto S2196 Bravo Black Benedetto S2196 Bravo Black one-offBenedetto S2196 Bravo Black one-offBenedetto S2196 Bravo Black One-offBenedetto S2196 Bravo Black One-off

S2196 Bravo Black One-offS2196 Bravo Black One-offS2196 Bravo Black one-off full view rotatedS2196 Bravo Black One-off full rear view (rotated)S2196 Bravo Black one-off artsy view rotated1S2196 Bravo black one-off back of headstockS2196 Bravo black one-off headstock rotated

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