Bravo Deluxe 40th Plumburst

Serial #S1660

One year ago, if you told Bob that one of his most popular colors would be purple (we call it Plumburst) he would have thrown a freshly baked biscotti at you! But thanks to Andreas Oberg’s popularity among a new generation of jazz guitarists, plum is actually taking off! We are about to launch a Bravo Plumburst as a limited run color available through Andreas, but before we do, we produced a one-off Bravo Deluxe 40th Anniversary Model to kick off the Purple-fest. This is an eye-popping instrument that photographs with the three dimensional characteristics of an oil painting. The bound soundholes and deluxe binding make the color pop even more, and the 40th Anniversary logo guarantees it will be collectible. Of course, it is a Benedetto Professional Series instrument, so it is designed to be your primary gigging guitar. Not for you the traditionalist or wallflower.

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