Bravo Deluxe Natural One-off

Serial #S1524

The Bravo Deluxe has been a very popular instrument for us. We offered it initially in Honey Blonde, then added Natural, and finally our Autumnburst finish. All these finishes are designed to show off the superb flamed back, sides and neck, and none are available on the standard Bravo Model. We have made fewer Naturals than any other Deluxe color, and each has been absolutely stunning . This particular Natural Bravo Deluxe made it into the One-off category because of its unique neck treatment. Our flagship guitars are typically one-piece, and laminated guitars are typically two piece necks. This guitar simulates a five-piece neck even though it is two pieces. Why? Another of the mysteries that Bob and his amazing finishing team will take to the grave with them! It will make for a perfect gigging guitar with a unique story, for one very lucky owner.

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