Bravo Elite 7-String

Serial #S1515

  • Carved top of exceptionally rare fiddleback figured European Spruce
  • Carved European flamed maple back with matching sides
  • Finished with a custom blend of violin hues

Bob’s intent with the Bravo Elite was to provide the professional jazz guitarist with the richness and tonal pallet of a full sized carved archtop, but with concessions to the gigging musician who demands louder volumes and versatility of the smaller body laminates. Guitarists like Bucky Pizzarelli, Howard Alden and Jimmy Bruno were all touring and playing with louder bands like organ trios and sextets. Between the dimensional size of traveling with the guitar, the potential for feedback, and the fact the these guys were all getting to an age (especially Bucky) where it just wasn’t comfortable or necessary to reach over a 17″ X 3″ body all night, all of them asked Bob to build smaller guitars with built-in pickups.  BUT, they all wanted to retain the acoustic quality (if not volume) that comes from a carved vs. laminated guitar. Once Bob made the volume compromise expected from the smaller body, he included a humbucking pickup to give them the cutting power and anti-hum necessary for louder amplified volumes. Since the top was already restricted by its smaller dimension,  the built-in nature of the pickup, and the parallel bracing characteristically used to reinforce the top where the pickup was cut out, became an acceptable compromise. If this all sounds like it makes sense, except you are a 7-string player, we have the readily available answer to your dreams!  A 7-string Bravo Elite fresh from Bob’s workshop.  2 1/16″ nut width, and the perfect balance you might expect. Comes with a Cedar Creek deluxe case.

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