Bravo Espresso

Serial #S2141

This beautiful Espresso Bravo Model was made for our Bob’s Boutique. But someone saw it before we even got the strings on it! Now it’s on its way to Campinas Brazil!Benedetto Bravo S2141 Closeup (Espresso)

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View our Bravo model hereBenedetto Bravo Espresso rear view sideways

Bravo Esp S2141 Full Front BBBenedetto Bravo S2141 in EspressoBenedetto Bravo Espresso S2141 Headstock Benedetto Bravo S2141 Fall for a BenedettoBenedetto Bravo Espresso S2141 labelBenedetto Bravo Espresso S2141 rear of headstockBenedetto Bravo S2141 Full FrontBenedetto Bravo S2141 Closeup

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