Bravo One-off “Tal”

Serial #S1705

Tal Farlow was one of jazz guitars most extraordinary and influential players. Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina and known as an artist and sign painter in addition to a music career, he was at the forefront of the bebop movement. His long fingers and agility earned him the nickname of The Octopus. So important was Tal that he was one of very few guitarists honored with a signature model manufactured by Gibson Guitars for many years. It turns out that Bob Benedetto and Tal Farlow were friends and over the years Bob made a handful of instruments influenced by Tal and his signature model. Today, we offer an otherwise standard Bravo Model one-off with a custom Sunburst finish and unique scroll flourish inlay on the headstock and cutaway (top only) honoring one of America’s greatest jazz guitar icons. This is not a regular production guitar and is the only one we have built here in Savannah.

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