Fratello Custom in Cinnamon Pearl

Serial #S1560

This spellbinding one-off 17” Fratello is carved from European tone wood, hand graduated, with a 25″ scale. Of course, the Cinnamon Pearl color immediately jumps out as a totally unique creation. Where did the color come from? Bob started with a one-off neck with a headstock shape reminiscent of the Cremona model. He hand inlaid mother-of-pearl and an exotic red recon stone in the headstock. From there, the idea of carrying the red theme into the pearl block inlays was too much to resist. Only once the guitar was assembled and in the sanding stages did we look for a complementary color to bring out the best in the inlay. The end result is a traditionally constructed and classic sounding Benedetto Flagship model, but with an awesome personality to match some fortunate owner.

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