La Venezia

Serial #S2034

As we diligently construct our special customer orders, we always try to weave a few of our traditional Benedetto models onto the workbench. We know some aficionados simply can’t or won’t wait to get the ultimate archtop in their hands! This La Venezia model was built for an uncompromising guitarist who recognizes the simplistic beauty of “less is more.” The La Venezia is extraordinarily lightweight for a 17″ archtop made from only our finest select European tone woods, hand carved, and unadorned with the art deco trappings of more traditional instruments. No binding, no outsized inlays, no flared headstock. Pure power and projection. We’ve added a floating S-6 pickup for those emergencies when the condenser mic at Carnegie Hall is on the fritz. But not to worry, because the pickup floats above the super-responsive top without interfering with its crystal clear voice.

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