Manhattan 40th Opulent Brown

Serial #S1163

This is one of only two Flagship models we will make with the 40th Anniversary Mother-of-Pearl/Abalone “40 Years – 1968 to 2008” logo. In 2007 Bob designed this celebratory logo which is engraved on the “40th Anniversary” 2005 Miner Benedetto Signature Cabernet Sauvignon bottles as well as adorned on about twenty 40th Anniversary Bambino Models. (Bob decided to limit production of that model, and use a total of 10 logos for a very limited number of hand picked otherwise-standard models, and a few one-off models.)

This MANHATTAN S1163 in Opulent Brown is a beautiful and brilliant sounding 17″ x 3″ instrument made from Bob’s personal stock of aged hand-selected European maple and spruce. The Manhattan is our most popular flagship model and has become the instrument that jazz guitarists aspire to. This one, for no additional charge, is a unique version: the only standard model Manhattan made with the 40th Anniversary logo.

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