Natural Bravo Deluxe

Serial #

S2280 BravoDlxNAT_FC1_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swThis is a NEW guitar that was just completed for shipment to Thailand. The customer requested we delay shipment for several months, which means we’ll build him another one.

So, this instrument is now available for IMMEDIATE purchase. 16″ x 2-1/2″ with 25″ scale and 1-3/4″ nut, B6 pickup, highly flamed neck, laminated back, solid sides. and laminated spruce top with natural nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

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S2280 BravoDlxNAT_FF3_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swS2280 BravoDlxNAT_BF3_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swS2280 BravoDlxNAT_FC1_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swS2280 BravoDlxNAT_BC2_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swS2280 BravoDlxNAT_FV2_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swS2280 BravoDlxNAT_BV1_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swS2280 BravoDlxNAT_FH1_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swS2280 BravoDlxNAT_BH1_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 swS2280 BravoDlxNAT_Lbl1_PiyavutWoodySinjanakhom_081115 sw



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