Northern Ash Benny

Serial #S2304

S2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_FC5_110615swThis unique guitar is an otherwise standard Benny Model with a chambered 2″ deep Mahogany body, 25″ scale x 1-3/4″ nut, gold A6 Benedetto Pickups, tunomatic bridge, and Gotoh tuners. The top is a beautifully figured piece of carved Northern Ash with bark inclusions creating a uniquely appealing aesthetic. This guitar is filled with character and tone, and it happens to be extra lightweight too, weighing in at just under 7lbs.

See the spec page HERE.

(Beautiful photos by Stephanie Ward)

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S2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_FV11_110615sw

S2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_FF1_110615swS2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_BF3_110615swS2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_FC6_110615swS2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_FC5_110615swS2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_BC6_110615swS2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_FV10_110615sw


S2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_BV2_110615swS2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_FH1_110615swS2304 Benny NorthernAsh(BB)_BH3_110615sw


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