Opulent Brown 16-B

Serial #S2419

The 16-B is our most approachable Flagship Series guitar with a solid hand-carved Spruce top and Maple back and sides.  While it has a superior amplified sound with greatly reduced feedback potential (thanks to the built-in A-6 pickup and 16” x 2-1/2” body), it has all the responsiveness and acoustic total characteristics and of the finest carved instruments – less the projection and broad spectrum of a larger body. In short, this is THE best way for a gigging guitarist or serious hobbyist to own a carved Benedetto! This particular 16-B is a bit unique thanks to its one-piece carved maple back (most required two pieces joined in the center to accommodate the width of the guitar). 16-B’s sell really quickly, and this Opulent Brown model is one of our most popular finishes.  It’s identical to Jimmy Bruno’s new guitar. Don’t wait to call or message us if you want to avoid 7-month lead time!!!

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Photos by Stephanie Ward.

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