Opulent Brown Americana

Serial #S2258

S2258 AmericanaOB_FV3_BB_060415The Americana is one of our most affordable carved archtops ever! Designed by Bob specifically to take advantage of our vast inventory of fine musical instrument grade tonewoods, we have produced this master grade model with an extraordinary acoustic voice and perfect amplified qualities. Its unique La Venezia headstock shape, Deluxe binding, singular abalone and pearl inlay on a black faceplate, and hand graduated top and back with one built-in pickup will give the jazz guitarist the ultimate full sized gigging guitar.

(photos by Stephanie Ward)

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S2258 AmericanaOB_FF1_BB_060415S2258 AmericanaOB_BF1_BB_060415S2258 AmericanaOB_FV3_BB_060415S2258 AmericanaOB_BC4_BB_060415S2258 AmericanaOB_Lbl1_BB_060415S2258 AmericanaOB_FV7_BB_060415S2258 AmericanaOB_FH2_BB_060415S2258 AmericanaOB_BH5_BB_060415

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