Opulent Brown Bravo

Serial #S2290

S2290 BravoOB_FF6_BB_080715This Bravo Model was just completed and is available for immediate shipment to a new home! Opulent brown finish, 16″ x 2-1/2″ body, 25″ scale with 1-3/4″ nut, hardshell case included.

If you’ve always wanted a Bravo, this one is ready!

(Beautiful photos by Stephanie Ward)

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S2290 BravoOB_FV4_BB_080715S2290 BravoOB_FV2_BB_080715S2290 BravoOB_FC3_BB_080715S2290 BravoOB_BC2_BB_080715S2290 BravoOB_FH5_BB_080715S2290 BravoOB_BH1_BB_080715S2290 BravoOB_BV1_BB_080715S2290 BravoOB_Lbl5_BB_080715S2290 BravoOB_BF1_BB_080715


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