Pat Martino Prototype Benny Deluxe Custom

Serial #S1786

This very unique guitar is the first prototype made exclusively for jazz guitar giant Pat Martino. This past Spring, Pat contacted Benedetto through his manager about a new guitar. In May, Bob and Howard took a road trip to meet with Pat and Aya’ Martino in their Philadelphia home, bringing with them the entire line of Benedetto Professional Series instruments. After playing each model, Pat chose a Benny Deluxe as a starting point. (He kept our standard Benny Deluxe while we returned to Savannah with some specifications that he wanted for his gigging guitar.)

The result is this BENNY DELUXE CUSTOM PROTOTYPE completed July 2009: 25″ fingerboard scale, 1 11/16″ nut width. The guitar has a standard ebony bridge and tailpiece with a custom ebony fingerrest and Pat’s signature inlaid. We added Sperzel tuners, custom wound black-faced Benedetto A-6 Pickups (hand wound at Seymour Duncan), and a hand-contoured nut per Pat’s request. The finish, and all the hardware, is Black. The back of the headstock is inscribed with gold ink by Bob’s hand: “S1786 For my friend Pat Martino – Bob Benedetto”.

Once Pat received the instrument he realized he had grown accustomed over the years to a slightly thinner body. Rather than modify this instrument, we are making him an entirely new guitar with modifications to the body depth and fingerboard scale. The Prototype, #S1786, is now for sale to the public.

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