Sinfonietta in Honey Blonde

Serial #S2166GP

Sinfonietta S2166GP is an example of artistic simplicity and tradition.  It’s the reason Benedetto Sinfonietta Serial #S2166 main imagethere is a Golden Period label inside of the instrument. An elegant non-cutaway with a 16” lower bout with a 3” body depth, it is the quintessential unadulterated jazz box.

Master Luthier Damon Mailand with Benedetto Sinfonietta S2166 Jan 2014 Savannah GAHand selected from Bob Benedetto’s stock of exceptional European spruces and maples, this Sinfonietta is made with traditional x-bracing, Bob’s more modernistic “S” holes, flamed maple binding, a honey blonde finish, 25” scales, and a  1 11/16” nut width. It is intended to be a completely uncompromised acoustic instrument with perfect balance, bass response, and projection.

Strung with phosphorous bronze strings, and shipped in a deluxe Cedar Creek case, it is Benedetto’s tribute to Lloyd Loar’s creation some 80 years ago.

(Photos by Stephanie Ward)

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Benedetto Sinfonietta Serial #S2166 FULL FRONT viewBenedetto Sinfonietta Serial #S2166 FULL REAR viewBenedetto Sinfonietta Serial #S2166 close-up FRONT viewBenedetto-Sinfonietta-Serial-S2166-close-up-REAR-view3Benedetto-Sinfonietta-Serial-S2166-close-up headstockBenedetto-Sinfonietta-Serial-S2166-close-up headstock rearBenedetto Sinfonietta Serial #S2166 close-up fingbd inlayBenedetto Sinfonietta Serial #S2166 Artsy dramatic lighting full frontBenedetto Sinfonietta Serial #S2166 heel cap close-up

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