Violinburst Bravo Elite

Serial #S2359

S2359 BravoEliteVB(BB)_FC2_081116A stunning Bravo Elite with Violinburst finish and all standard appointments is available for immediate delivery! Damon Mailand and his team of masters have worked some spec guitars into their busy schedule. This brand new Bravo Elite, hand carved using European spruce and maples, 16″ x 2-1/2″ body, 25″ scale, 1-3/4″ nut, B6 pickup, violin tailpiece and Gotoh 510S tuners. (Photos by Stephanie Ward)

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S2359 BravoEliteVB(BB)_FH5_081116S2359 BravoEliteVB(BB)_FF6_081116 S2359 BravoEliteVB(BB)_BV3_081116 S2359 BravoEliteVB(BB)_BH12_081116 S2359 BravoEliteVB(BB)_BF11_081116 S2359 BravoEliteVB(BB)_BC1_081116

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