Walnut GA-35

Serial #

S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_Lbl4_080316This stunning walnut finish was inspired by Pat Martino, who asked us to make his most recent guitar with this increadibly rich walnut color. This GA-35 is a spec guitar and available for immediate shipping! 1-5/8″ deep solid chambered mahogany body and neck, highly flamed solild maple top, two Benedetto A6 pickups, 25″ scale x 1-11/16 nut, and a 15″ lower bout. Fast 22 fret neck, feedback resistant chambored solidbody design, and flawless Benedetto workmanship. Weighs 7.5 lbs.

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S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_FV9_080316S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_FH5_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_FF11_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_FC3_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_BV1_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_BH3_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_BF4_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_BC2_080316

Photos by Stephanie Ward

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