Earlier this week we announced our new partnership with Imperial Vintage Guitars in Los Angeles but listed the wrong location. They will have the guitars on display at the Sherman Oaks store not the Burbank branch we listed previously:

Imperial Vintage Guitar
13940 Ventura BLVD
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91423
11am-6pm Mon-Sat

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A throwback clip to January 31, 2019 featuring University of North Texas guitar professor, Davy Mooney performing his composition, “In This Balance of Time” at Smalls in New York City.

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Big thanks to LaBella Strings for a fantastic time at the Brooklyn Guitar Showcase! Howard was there with guitars-a-plenty and managed to put bassist & singer Maggie Evans to work in the booth when they weren’t performing on the main stage.

With a recording session and gig lumped in, it was a highly productive weekend in New York for the duo!

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The most common question we get is, “Where can I try a Benedetto?” Until now, the only answer has been, “At our shop in Savannah, Georgia” (unless you happen to live near a Benedetto artist or generous Benedetto owner). We are incredibly excited to announce a partnership with two incredible shops that will provide exclusive showroom space for our most popular models: Imperial Vintage Guitars in Sherman Oaks, California and The Guitar Shop NYC in Brooklyn, New York. Each shop currently has a Bravo, Bravo Deluxe and Pat Martino Signature Model available and we’ll 16-Bs to the selection as soon as they become available.

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We finally have another Autumnburst Bravo Deluxe available in Bob’s Boutique! Besides being our most popular and most gig-friendly model, Autumnburst is the most frequently complimented hue. Grab it fast! They never last long…

25″ scale, 1 3/4″ nut width, 22 frets, all ebony appointments with a Benedetto B-6 pickup, and gorgeous too!

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Congratulations to Final Assembly Luthier, Rick Cevone on retiring this week. For more than a decade he has provided the icing on the cake for nearly every Benedetto to leave the shop.

Rick joined Benedetto in 2007, moving from his small hometown of Oberlin, Ohio. He studied with Brian Galloup, graduating from his Masters Class. He has been an integral part of the final assembly department, a very detailed and precise area to work within. Guitars come to Rick from finishing and buffing, and he then builds them out – putting on hardware and wiring, polishing the fretboards, installing strings, and all other manners of set-up. When the guitars leave final assembly, they are ready for our artists and customers to play and enjoy!

Rick’s greatest musical influence comes from The Beatles. “When I first heard them, that was it for me. My parents got me a guitar and I never looked back,” says Rick. He also plays piano and enjoys songwriting and recording as a hobby.

Rick has four grown children: Melissa, Greg, Allison, and Andrea.

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Head over to and sign up for our newsletter! We have a big announcement coming next week and we would like you to be the first to know!  After that, you’ll receive monthly note keeping you up to date on all things Benedetto.

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We’ve settled on an Antiqueburst Bravo, a Honeyblonde Bravo Deluxe, the Curly Cherry 16-B, and a Black Pat Martino Signature Model for the Brooklyn Guitar Showcase this weekend. If there is anything you you like us to bring, please let us know by 5:00PM Wednesday!

Howard will also have his personal guitar, a custom, 7-string 16-B. We are very excited about this show… See you there!

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Should you find yourself in West Orange, New Jersey this Friday, May 10, be sure to book a table at the Highlawn Pavilion. Benedetto President and CEO, Howard Paul, along with his custom 16-B, will be joining the Mark Peterson trio for an evening of music. All the fun starts at 7:00PM.

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Should you find yourself in Brooklyn this coming Saturday, be sure to stop by the Brooklyn Guitar Showcase! We’ll be there with plenty of fabulous guitars to play.

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