Bucky Pizzarelli (1926 – 2020)

Bucky Pizzarelli Miner Benedetto concert 2009 - John Brackett Photography with text for BP bio page 1bFor more than seven decades, the legendary Bucky Pizzarelli has had a stellar career. “The complete jazz musician”, he was a fixture in jazz and the studios since the early ‘50s. The list of big bands and vocalists with whom Bucky has performed and recorded reads like a veritable Who’s Who of Jazz. One of the era’s most solid rhythm players, Pizzarelli was in high demand, playing and touring with Benny Goodman, Zoot Sims, Bud Freeman, and Stephane Grappelli, and, later, recording with George Van Eps, Carl Kress and George Barnes. His superior mastery of the seven-string guitar is unparalleled. The beloved guitarist has developed a very personal style that sets him apart. He lives in Saddle River, New Jersey, with his wife of nearly 70 years, Ruth.

Benedetto Player Bucky Pizzarelli Mike Oria photoHappy 89 years young, Bucky! From all of us at Benedetto Guitars Jan 9, 2015“…moves effortlessly from the daunting format of the solo guitar to playing solid, swinging rhythm and single string solos…”


Miner Wines logoMiner Benedetto Cabernet Sauvignon labelBucky has performed at the Miner Benedetto Wine Release Concerts in Napa Valley since 2005


About Bucky’s first Benedetto 7-String in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution since 2006

MINERMiner-Benedetto-concert-2009-great-group-photo-740x443 John Brackett Photo

August 2013 – Bucky Pizzarelli “The Pizzarelli Patriarch Still Swings at 87” by Dave Beck for kuow.org.

Fabulous new interview on Bucky by George Cole!  (Oct 2011)

Bucky with Al Caiola at Cutting Room

Bucky Pizzarelli records for Paul McCartney CD 2012Bucky Pizzarelli and Benny Green 2008Bucky Pizzarelli Napa Jazz Society 2010 Mike Oria photoBucky Pizzarelli 1998 cd NIRVANAJohn and Bucky Pizzarelli on Benedetto 7-Strings 1987 - Sweet Georgia Browncolorado springs jazz party logoBucky Pizzarelli and Benedetto Carino-12 amp at 2014 Colorado Springs Jazz PartyBucky Pizzarelli 88th Birthday Bash Cutting Room NYC 1-7-14Cindy Benedetto & Ruth Pizzarelli NJ 1995

Pizzarelli Grappelli Definitive Black and Blue Sessions CD Nice France 1979Pizzarellis Live at the Vineyard Theatre 1987Benedetto Players backstage Savannah Music Festival 4-1-04 group photoPolly-Harrison-with-Bucky-Pizzarelli-Stephane-Grappelli-Joseph Oldenhove de Guertechin San Antonio's Riverwalk 1992Sandy-DeVito-and-Bucky-Pizzarelli-San-Diego-Feb-2014-newsThe-HOOK-Music-Issue-Jan-Feb-2014-featuring-Bucky-Pizzarelli-1-14-14-revJoe Negri Bucky Pizzarelli at Benedetto clinic at Duquense 2010 GALLERYMark Koch and Bucky Pizzarelli Duquesne Benedetto Guitars clinic 2011Duquesne Univ 2010 Joe Negri Bucky Pizzarelli Howard PaulBucky Pizzarelli headstock closeup Miner Benedetto concert 2011 Mike Oria photoStephane-Grappelli-and-Bucky-Pizzarelli-San-Antonio-1992-photo-courtesy-Polly-Hank-HarrisonBucky Pizzarelli A Pro's Approach with Benedetto 7-String guitar - 1979bucky pizzarelli 47th west texas jazz society may 2013Barney_Kessel-Bucky_Pizzarelli_1989

Michele Ramo Bucky Pizzarelli Jerry Bruno Al Caiola gallery2Swinging Pizzarellis with Benedetto Seven-Strings Stash Label 1984





Clint Hasse Bucky Pizzarelli Sheldon Concert Hall 2-16-13 gallery1John and Bucky Pizzarelli with Bob Benedetto and 25th Anniversary Benedetto Guitar May 1993 E. Stroudsburg PennsylvaniaBucky Pizzarelli at Paul Stewart 75th Event NYC August 2013 Zimbio photoBucky Pizzarelli headlines Guitar Summit at MorristownJazz Blues Festival 8-16-14Bucky Pizzarelli Jack Vartoogian photoBucky Pizzarelli and Gerry Beaudoin circa 1998 GALLERYbucky-and-benedetto-35-years-since-1978Bucky Pizzarelli Cutting Roon MYC 6-14 Jeff Tamarkin photoNewport-jazz-festival-George-Wein-archival-photo-with-Bucky-Pizzarelli-2013AldenPizzNewportFestival8-07NewsIridium NYC 2013 Benedetto Players Alden Pizzarelli Vignola