Ulf Wakenius

Ulf Wakenius (b. April 16, 1958 in Halmstad, Sweden) is a renowned Swedish jazz guitarist. A member of the Oscar Peterson quartet from 1997, he was also a member of the Ray Brown trio.

With Pat Metheny he played Jazz Baltica 2003. In Norway he has played with Hot Club de Norvège and Vertavo-quartet (Hot Club Records, 2005), and also participated on the record Guitaresque on Hot Club Records with Jon Larsen, Stian Mevik, Jimmy Rosenberg and others.

Ulf also plays with his own band and has recorded many albums.

Currently, Ulf performs with our Bambino model (shown here at the Cotton Club).

Ulf WakeniusJohn Pisano Guitar Night Jan 2010 Rolf Jardemark John Pisano and Ulf WakeniusUlfWakeniusMT_CottonClub2011