Flashback Friday Time! From our 2008 Benedetto/Miner Wine Release Concert, here is Andreas Oberg at the Pre-Concert BBQ at Dave Miner’s home, playing Dave’s Vinodetto IIGreat photo by John Brackett Photography.


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S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FV9_PatMartino_020916Pat Martino’s newest guitar is, of course, a Benedetto Pat Martino Model, but with a new walnut-stained highly flamed maple top. Other than the new color (Pat’s personal choice) the instrument is contructed entirely to our PM specs.

Visit Pat at www.patmartino.com

S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FV10_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FV5_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FH5_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FF7_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_FC4_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_BV4_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_BH6_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_BF1_PatMartino_020916 S2325 PatMartinoWalnut_BC1_PatMartino_020916

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GA-35 x 4

GA35x4We’ve made about 20 GA-35 models since we launched the prototype in January 2014. Customers have enjoyed testing master finisher Larry Perkins‘ remarkable color pallet! Clockwise, starting from the upper left, we have our natural, autumnburst, transblack, and antiqueburst finishes.

We are working on a few GA-35 models that are slated for Bob’s Boutique, but you might want to place a custom order now for delivery by October of this year.

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16Bs for BBLet’s get personal! These two custom 16B Models (one finished in Cinnamon Pearl, one in Blonde w/maple binding & bear claw top) are being constructed for Bob’s Boutique. Personalized SigThis coming Monday, February 15, Bob Benedetto will be hand-signing the serial numbers on the back of each’s headstock.

If you’d like a personalized “For my friend ____ from Bob Benedetto” (or some variation of that) let us know immediately, and Bob will make it happen!

Each of these guitars will be available for delivery in April.

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12186832_479932858851242_8186754947428961146_oBenedetto players Jack Petersen & Howard Alden enjoying some music together! Howard relocated to Arizona from NYC recently, fortunately closer to Jack!

If you’re in the area, don’t miss their duo performance tomorrow, February 10, at 6pm MST at El Gato Azul, Prescott Arizona.

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PM Walnut GuitarSneak Preview!!!

Pat Martino‘s personal new Pat Martino Signature Model on Damon Mailand‘s final inspection workbench. This new color (selected by Pat) is a walnut stain.

We’ll have more photos before we ship it to Pat next week, and of course we look forward to many videos and photos of Pat playing it on stage!

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Winemaker Dinner is BACK!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.14.02 AMWinemaker Dinner
Miner Family Winery
Napa Valley, February 27

Join Dave Miner for an evening of food, wine, and live music featuring Bob James, Jim Kerwin, and Howard Paul.

Miner Family Winery
Saturday, February 27th

$250 per person
$200 for Wine Club Members
and Friends of Benedetto 
(limit two tickets per membership)

Contact Abby Mathis for Friends of Benedetto pricing.

Dinner will be curated by The Girl & the Fig of Sonoma; shuttle service available to and from Napa and Yountville.

Photography by Mike Oria Photography.

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S2320 BennyNATCustom_FV11_TroyCook_020216This is a highly unusual collaborative piece that took several years to come to fruition! A customer contacted us and asked if we would be willing to build an instrument with some coveted, highly figured mahogany that had been in his possession for many years. He’d built his own instrument with some of it, and had used some for other specialized projects, but he really wanted it incorporated into his dream Benedetto. We took receipt of the wood and stored it in our climate controlled drying room for a time to make sure it was stable, then used it to produce the carved top of this spectacular “Ben-bino” Model! Using a Benny body made of ribbon-figured African mahogany and a mahogany neck, we carved the customer’s mahogany for the top, and included Bambino-style sound holes, two black A6 Benedetto Pickups and black tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece. The result is a stunning, versatile and lightweight chambered solid body Benedetto with a great story!

S2320 BennyNATCustom_Lbl8_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_FH4_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_FF6_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_FC15_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_BV1_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_BH4_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_BF4_TroyCook_020216 S2320 BennyNATCustom_BC4_TroyCook_020216

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Valentines-Day-Benedetto-GearDon’t forget your favorite Benedetto-loving Valentine this year! Load them up with some of our signature Gear.

Shop NOW to allow time for shipping!

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About Our LuthiersWe just added this (long overdue) section to our website, introducing you to our luthiers: Damon Mailand, Larry Perkins, Rick Cervone, Kaleb Fitting, Phil Archibald, and Colin Samek. Learn more about their backgrounds, their roles in building Benedetto guitars, and some other interesting and fun facts.

Take a moment to get to know them HERE.

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