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Rick StoneThe jazz guitar community is a relatively small one, and it always hurts to lose one of the great players too soon. Rick Stone passed away after a difficult but very brave battle, leaving a grieving family and wide circle of musical friends. Our President Howard Paul last spent time with him at the International Wes Montgomery Jazz Guitar Awards in NYC, where they enjoyed the next generation of fine guitarists, and talked about their mutual love of all things jazz guitar. From all of us at Benedetto Guitars, we salute Rick’s talent and dedication, will continue to enjoy his recording and video legacy, and extend our profound sorrow to his family and close friends in the NYC guitar community.


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S2314 BambinoAB 40thAnniv(BB)_FF5_072816Just finished and ready to play, the beautiful antique burst Bambino, adorned with the 40th Anniversary logo (only one of 40 that we made in 2008)! As its name implies, the Bambino is a baby in size compared to its 17″ flagship brothers…but with a big voice. Its lightweight and compact 14 ½” body is easily manageable in airport traffic or taxis. It features a laminated maple top and back, a maple neck shaped for playing comfort as only a Benedetto can be. With two gold plated Benedetto A–6 pickups, it’s all you’ll ever need! 

Price: $5,000 (includes case)

Contact us to purchase this guitar.

For more information on our purchasing policies, click here.

S2314 BambinoAB 40thAnniv(BB)_FH3_072816S2314 BambinoAB 40thAnniv(BB)_FC2_072816 S2314 BambinoAB 40thAnniv(BB)_BH4_072816 S2314 BambinoAB 40thAnniv(BB)_BF7_072816 S2314 BambinoAB 40thAnniv(BB)_BC1_072816


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CP1Oh, boy! This Cinnamon Pearl finished 16B with custom inlay is ALMOST ready for Bob’s Boutique!

This stunning carved hollow body archtop 16″ x 2-1/2″ one-off guitar will turn heads and sooth ears at the same time! Don’t wait if you want to reserve this one before it hits the Boutique!!! $12K including case. Contact us!



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S2336 BravoASB(BB)_FC2_072616Our Bravo model is tastefully–detailed, rich and full–sounding thin–body that is easy to travel with, utilizing a lightweight laminated spruce top and flamed maple back construction, features a flamed maple neck, signature abalone floral inlay at the 12th fret and A–6 pickup.

This antiqueburst model is available for immediate sale in Bob’s Boutique — $5,000 includes hard shell case.

Contact if you’re interested!

S2336 BravoASB(BB)_BC3_072616S2336 BravoASB(BB)_BF2_072616 S2336 BravoASB(BB)_BH7_072616S2336 BravoASB(BB)_FF2_072616 S2336 BravoASB(BB)_FH5_072616 S2336 BravoASB(BB)_Lbl10_072616


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IMG_2416Guitars come to Luthier Rick Cervone for final assembly from finishing and buffing, and he then builds them out – putting on hardware and wiring, polishing the fretboards, installing strings, and all other manners of set-up. When the guitars leave final assembly, they are ready for our artists and customers to play and enjoy!

As you can see, we have several that are “almost to the finish line!” Several of these guitars are destined for Bob’s Boutique, too, so they’ll be up for grabs soon! Interested? Contact Jared Stubbs!

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