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s2375-laveneziavb_fc1_johnbuford_102616This is as pure and elegant as an archtop can be: 17″ x 3″ La Venezia with premium European tone woods, all ebony appointments, no pickup, ebony endpin and violin tailpiece, sans binding, ultra-thin violinburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish. No compromise (except perhaps the cutaway) for a customer who has many fine archtops (including a number of Benedettos) but wanted simple beauty and unencumbered tone.

s2375-laveneziavb_fh6_johnbuford_102616s2375-laveneziavb_ff1_johnbuford_102616 s2375-laveneziavb_bh4_johnbuford_102616 s2375-laveneziavb_bf1_johnbuford_102616 s2375-laveneziavb_bc4_johnbuford_102616

Photos by Stephanie Ward


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Lou MassanaOur Prez Howard Paul had a great evening playing with the amazing and very under-recognized Long Island jazz guitarist Lou Messana over the weekend thanks to our new friend Frank Purita. Lou’s playing a Bravo Deluxe in the photo, but we’re getting to work on his new 16-B Custom.

Lou also plays on Benedetto Amps. Look for Lou in NYC and through LI!


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screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-9-00-52-amWe’re excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the world’s first Online Guitar Summit in November. If you want to take your guitar playing to the next level, then join us and the world’s leading acoustic, fingerstyle, jazz and blues guitarists as they reveal their secrets!

Guitarists that you’ll hear from on the Summit include Martin Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee, Howard Alden, Frank Vignola, Ulf Wakenius, Vinny Raniolo, Stochelo Rosenberg, Robin Nolan, John Knowles, Heike Mattthiesen, Scott Perry, Richard Smith, John Jorgenson, Jan Akkerman, Pierre Bensusan, Jeff McErlain, Cory Congilio, Calum Graham, Dario Napoli, Stig Mathiesn, Johnny Hiland, Peppino D’Agostino, Clive Carroll, Brian Gore, Carl Verheyen, Trevor Gordon Hall, Mike Dawes, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Muriel Anderson, Chantel McGregor, Peter White, Andreas Oberg, Jim Nichols, Phil Hilborne, David Hamburger, Bill Piburn, Pat Bergeson, Hank Marvin. It’s a big list and growing!

So whether you’re looking to break out of a plateau in your playing and improve your technique or just get some inspiration and have more fun on the guitar then this event is for you.

CLICK HERE to join the Online Guitar Summit!


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s2371-16b-abbb_fc2_102616Rare chance to purchase a 16-B Antiqueburst without waiting 8 months for a custom order Bambino width (1-11/16” nut width)!  Our 16B model brings back a little nostalgia with the body lines of Bob’s custom-made 16″ guitars from the 1990s. It borrows its binding package, headstock shape, tuners and EPS tailpiece from the Bravo Deluxe, and the A-6 built-in gold pickup from the Bravo model. It is the most gig-friendly carved guitar in our line, remarkably responsive and feedback resistant.

Price: $10,000 (includes custom Cedar Creek case)

Contact us to purchase this guitar.

For more information on our purchasing policies, click here.
s2371-16b-abbb_lbl6_102616s2371-16b-abbb_lbl2_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_fh2_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_ff1_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_fc2_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_bh5_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_bf1_102616 s2371-16b-abbb_bc2_102616

Photos by Stephanie Ward


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damon-at-fretboard-journal-10-2016Benedetto’s Damon Mailand sits on a panel of esteemed luthiers during a roundtable discussion at the 2016 Fretboard Summit in San Diego. Appearing on the stage are legends Bob Taylor, Dick Boak (Martin Guitars), Michael Gurian, and Roger Sadowsky. By virtue of his immense talent and position as Bob Benedetto’s handpicked successor, we are proud to see Damon emerge as one of today’s premier luthiers.

Photo by Jason Verlinde of Fretboard Journal.


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Benedetto Player Ulf Wakenius will join Martin Taylor for a 2017 tour. Check out this video teaser of this dynamic duo to come!

“I’m very excited to play first with Martin who I consider arguable the greatest finget stylist in the world. Also, to play tunes by Stephane Grapelli and Oscar Peterson in this timeless and unique way is really thrilling.” – Ulf Wakenius


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brian-nova-16bMeet Seattle-based jazz guitarist Brian Nova! Brian is the newest member of our Benedetto Players family. He’s got an amazing music biography including years performing with both Joe Pass and Herb Ellis, all the way up to a recent Grammy award with Arturo Sandoval. Brian premiered this Benedetto 16-B performing the music of Joe Pass during Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th Birthday Celebration at the famed Apollo Theater on Saturday night, 10/22/16.

Stay tuned for Brian’s page on the Benedetto website!


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s2374-bravoltab_ff4_martinbick_101416This guitar is a great example of how customers can make their standard Benedetto uniquely their own. This Bravo Model incorporates a lighter-than-standard antiqueburst finish, B6 pickup, Fratello fingerboard inlay, inlaid MOP logo, bound f-holes, upgraded maple back and sides, all black hardware, and a tune-o-matic style adjustable bridge to allow lighter gauge strings.

Photos by Stephanie Ward.

s2374-bravoltab_lbl1_martinbick_101416s2374-bravoltab_fv4_martinbick_101416 s2374-bravoltab_fh7_martinbick_101416
s2374-bravoltab_fc4_martinbick_101416 s2374-bravoltab_bv1_martinbick_101416 s2374-bravoltab_bh1_martinbick_101416 s2374-bravoltab_bf8_martinbick_101416 s2374-bravoltab_bc5_martinbick_101416

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