Benedetto player Ulf Wakenius performs his tribute to Pat Martino (also a Benedetto player) on his Benedetto Bambino model. Video courtesy of the DC Music School.

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Flashback to May 2007 to a Rehearsal for the 2nd Miner Wine Release Concert of the 2004 Miner ‘Benedetto Signature’ Cabernet Sauvignon. (l to r:) Frank Vignola (on his Benedetto Signature Frank Vignola model*), Howard Alden (on Dave Miner’s Vinodetto guitar) and BG’s Howard Paul.

The 9th Annual Wine Release Concert will be held next Saturday, August 27th. Get your tickets here!

* discontinued in 2006

Photo by Gina Benedetto, Kymera Studio

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S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FC8_080516Ready, set, ship!

This Birdseye one-off Benny model was destined for Bob’s Boutique, but someone savvy guitarist bought it first!

The Benny is a chambored Mahogany body 14-1/2″ x 2″ body with a carved top (Birdseye maple in this case), 25″ scale mahogany neck with 1-3/4″ nut, and two A6 pickups with a tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece.

Don’t fret! We have more ready-to-ship Benedettos in Bob’s Boutique!

Photos by Stephanie Ward

S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FV8_080516S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FV2_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_BC4_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FH1_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_FC8_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_BF1_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_BH6_080516 S2332 BennyNAT_BirdseyeMaple(BB)_BV5_080516

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MinerWe are just a few weeks away from our 8/27 Miner Wine Release Party/Concert featuring 2013 Benedetto Signature Cabernet Sauvignon, Chico Pinheiro, Howard Alden, Howard Paul, Mark Peterson & Quentin Baxter, hosted by Dave Miner at Miner Family Wines in Napa Valley, CA.

Open to the public!

Reserve your tickets!  (Photo by Mike Oria)

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SJF 2016 Artwork

Don’t forget, the 35th Annual Savannah Jazz Festival is set to take over our fair city September 18-26, for which Benedetto has always been a major sponsor!

A little about our artwork this year: jazz piano legend, composer, arranger and multi-Grammy recipient Bob James created this instrumental bird-in-flight in 2013 specifically for the Savannah Jazz Festival. Sadly, bassist Ben Tucker passed away the year that Bob’s art was to be featured, and CJA’s Tom Kenkel created a Ben Tucker tribute poster in its place.

This year we are honored and grateful to feature Bob’s art! It is a tribute to his years living on Skidaway Island, and takes its form from a photo Bob took from the marsh near his home.

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Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.03.19 AMBob’s Boutique has about the largest inventory we’ve seen in a while (though, admittedly, still quite small by industry standards…you can’t just churn out one of our guitars in less than 7-8 months!). So check them all out! All are available for immediate shipment. Email Jared Stubbs or call us 912.692.1400.

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S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FV7_080516The 16B is the most approachable gigging guitar we build with solid carved tonewoods. European spruce top and maple back sides and neck, all ebony appointments. 16″ x 2-1/2″ body, 25″ scale and 1-3/4″ nut. This instrument has a custom Cinnamon Pearl finish, ruby recon-stone split-block inlay and face with MOP and abalone accents, B6 pickups and all black hardware. Stunning, responsive, punch and acoustically and electrically superb.

Price: $12,500 (includes custom Cedar Creek case)

Contact us to purchase this guitar.

For more information on our purchasing policies, click here.

S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_Lbl5_080516S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_Inlay_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FH2_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FF2_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FC3_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_FB1_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_BV1_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_BH1_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_BF3_080516 S2340 16B CinnamonPearl(BB)_BC2_080516

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S2361 AmericanaHB_Tlpc1_LucianGray_080316This blonde Custom Americana is destined for the hands of Lucian Gray, a rising young virtuoso Canadian jazz guitarist and finalist in the Wes Montgomery International Guitar Competition. 17″ x 3″ carved European spruce top and maple back sides and neck, custom neck profile and 14″ fingerboard radius, Fratello block inlays, special order Lollar Charlie Christian style Humbucker, and custom tailpiece inlay. We are proud to add this new generation artist to the Benedetto player roster!

S2361 AmericanaHB_Lbl1_LucianGray_080316S2361 AmericanaHB_FV6_LucianGray_080316 S2361 AmericanaHB_FV1_LucianGray_080316 S2361 AmericanaHB_FH2_LucianGray_080316 S2361 AmericanaHB_FF4_LucianGray_080316 S2361 AmericanaHB_FC6_LucianGray_080316 S2361 AmericanaHB_BV4_LucianGray_080316 S2361 AmericanaHB_BH7_LucianGray_080316 S2361 AmericanaHB_BF2_LucianGray_080316 S2361 AmericanaHB_BC3_LucianGray_080316 Photos by Stephanie Ward

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Sweet & Lowdown

BUCKY PIZZARELLI & HOWARD ALDEN reminisce on Woody Allen, Dick Hyman, Django and Grappelli (and more!) in a delightful article in the New York Times 1-15-12.

Photo by Susan Stava for the NY Times.

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S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_Lbl4_080316This stunning walnut finish was inspired by Pat Martino, who asked us to make his most recent guitar with this increadibly rich color. This GA-35 is a spec guitar and available for immediate shipping from Bob’s Boutique! 1-5/8″ deep solid chambered mahogany body and neck, highly flamed solild maple top, two Benedetto A6 pickups, 25″ scale x 1-11/16 nut, and a 15″ lower bout. Fast 22 fret neck, feedback resistant chambored solidbody design, and flawless Benedetto workmanship. Weighs 7.5 lbs. $6500 including case. Contact Jared!

S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_FV9_080316S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_FH5_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_FF11_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_FC3_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_BV1_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_BH3_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_BF4_080316 S2343 GA35 Walnut(BB)_BC2_080316 Photos by Stephanie Ward

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